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Work Package Capacity Building

Within CEBHA+, capacity development focuses on both capacity development for conducting high-quality primary research and evidence synthesis as well as capacity development for ensuring that research is translated into policy-and-practice, and takes place at three levels:

  1. Institutional capacity strengthening, which aims to use and develop the existing strengths of CEBHA+ partners in the fields of research and evidence implementation, while creating and building infrastructure and capacities in areas that are currently insufficiently developed;

  2. Individual capacity strengthening, aiming to increase the skills of staff in CEBHA+ institutions to conceive, plan, secure funding for and implement primary research activities, to access and appraise existing research through evidence synthesis and to communicate research findings and to facilitate their implementation in policy-and-practice;

  3. System capacity strengthening, which is a long term effort aiming to build a new generation of ‘evidence-literate’ decision-makers and to establish strong links between the research and the policy-and-practice communities.