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Overview of the CEBHA+ Mentorship Program

The goal of the CEBHA+ Mentorship Program is to enhance capacity building and career development guidance using expertise within CEBHA+ consortium through regular remote and face-to-face mentoring opportunities for African mentees.


Depending on the mentee’s specific research interests, career and capacity-building needs, the mentee were matched with a more experienced researcher in their own or another CEBHA+ institution for regular exchange regarding research skills (e.g. study design, protocol development, data analysis), evidence translation skills (e.g. planning of stakeholder meetings, development of issue briefs), soft skills (e.g. grant writing, abstract writing) and career development advice as appropriate.

17 mentors were identified, and in the 5 years of the project, 21 mentees have been matched and mentored under this program.

I’m very happy to have graduated…Prof. Harriet Mayanja, who is my CEBHA+ mentor, really helped with the defense preparation and support.” says Hannah Simba, PhD, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

"I am grateful to my mentor Ass. Prof. David Tumusiime who was immensely supportive during my journey of acquiring a this Master's Degree" says Jean Damascene Bigirimana, Masters, University of Rwanda.

"I appreciate the technical guidance from my CEBHA+ mentors Prof. Stephen Rulisa and Mr. Seleman Ntawuyirushintege during this journey." says Dynamo Ndacyayisenga, Masters, University of Rwanda.

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